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Ross Luke

"My interest in aircraft started back in 1936 or 7 when Sir Alan Cobham brought his flying circus just a couple of fields away from here, and I saved up a half a crown to have flight.... In the morning I was out and we used to walk across a grill that was over a shaft and I went across this grill and rather stupidly didn’t look down all the way and my foot went down and my leg went down and caught there and dug a piece of out my leg..... I spent the afternoon with my leg on chair in a splint watching the planes take off from where I lived but that was my early aircraft recognition... I mean its just one of those things that grows on you, the more you go into in the more interesting it becomes."

Ross Luke recalls his time in the Royal Observer Corps

"Well sometimes you were tired yes, I mean especially if you had come off a night shift and you would just have a few hours sleep... you could come up in the afternoon before you started at 8 o’clock that evening, but well you got used to it, and you arranged to sleep sort of with a drop of a hat.... I still can according to my wife...! I still go to sleep watching the news and things like that, but I mean it was long hours working though we didn’t do too many shifts up here as part timers... they had a number of them and the rota was made out, and you knew what shift you were going to do and you could adjust yourself accordingly...."

Ross Luke recalls his time in the Royal Observer Corps


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