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With the range of delivery systems growing daily, video continues to remain many corporate clients' favourite communication tool because of its convenience, its portability and its uniformity of message.

However things are changing, with e-communications playing an ever-increasing role.

Our product portfolio reflects this change with video often being but part of a sophisticated communications mix.

We provide moving picture on video, CD, DVD and over the Internet, depending entirely on the clients' preferred delivery system.

In today's marketplace, technology is uniformly excellent. It is the creative skill that gives it the 'edge'.

Cyclops offers a wide range of services in our portfolio of Corporate Media.

  • Corporate Podcasts
    A Podcast can be an excellent way of getting your detailed message to your team or your customers.
  • Corporate Video
    Video is still an important tool for use when training, entertaining, pitching ideas......

Recent website and internet presence bolstering projects have included podcasts, vodcasts and video for websites.



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